Make Money at Home, Flipkart with Shopsy App for Entrepreneurs.

Shop & Earn Money Online: Shopsy by Flipkart

E-commerce giant Flipkart has launched a new app called Shopsy. Products at Flipkart
E-commerce giant Flipkart has launched a new app to help individuals start an online business. Entrepreneurs can start a business without investing a single rupee through the app called Shopsy. The Flipkart app was launched to strengthen online commerce and mold the best entrepreneurs.

Share and Earn! Start your own online business with ShopCy and make money anywhere

Shopsy is an app from Flipkart where you can start your own online business and make money. We are the largest distribution and commercial platform in India.

Browse and share with customers the 15Cr product listings on many shopsy apps such as fashion, beauty, mobiles and home. You do not need an inventory or investment to start your online business; All you need is a basic smartphone to earn from home or anywhere.

How do I start my own online shop on ShopC?

Shopsy provides you with a platform where you can easily log in, create an account and earn money online. Browse the products catalog and share what you think your contacts will like. Once you place an order on behalf of customers, the product (s) will be delivered to their address and commissions for that order will be credited to your account.

Flipkart Shopse aims to mold more than 25 million online entrepreneurs by 2023. Customers can get into business by selling Flipkart products. The best profit can be made from this. The business is to share and order catalogs of 15 crore products offered by Flipkart sellers online.
This will give you a good commission. The commission percentage will vary depending on the products ordered. It sells fashion, beauty, mobile, electronics and home products.
Business can be done through social media platforms including WhatsApp. You must first register in the application. Users can register with the app using their phone number and start an online entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurs can use Flipkart’s catalog, delivery networks and infrastructure. The products are distributed by Flipkart.

Follow these simple steps to make money online with Shopsy:

  1. Share – Download the Shopsy app, browse the biggest products from Flipkart’s most trusted distributors and share via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more.
  2. Order – Once your contacts like something, place an order in their name on the Shopsy app. Our reliable Flipkart delivery systems will ensure that the customer receives the order within 7 working days.
  3. Earn – We will transfer your commission to your account once the order matures.

Shopsy aims to empower anyone who wants to start their own business; Be it a housekeeper, student, grocery store owner or anyone who believes there is more to do in life.

Why is Shopsy India’s most trusted online money making app?

Wide selection
Shopsy gives you access to over 150 million listings in various categories like fashion, beauty, mobiles, home – the biggest choice you can find compared to any other platform in India.

Reliable delivery
Reliability of delivery within 7 working days for customers (from end to end tracking). Faster deliveries using existing Flipkart delivery systems.

Reliable suppliers
We have a base of over 1 lakh + trusted Flipkart suppliers built over the years to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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