The Historic Moment that the football world has been awaiting : Argentina Win The FIFA World Cup 2022

On the left chest – the third star stitched on the world football kings Argentina

Lionel Messi and Argentina fulfilled their dreams by winning the valuable World Cup Trophy. In the most thrilling FIFA World Cup Final ever, defending champion France was defeated by Argentina. In a match that was really breath-taking, Messi performed at the top of his game and helped the Albiceleste defeat France on penalties in his LAST Dance.

The shootout was won by Argentina 4-2. This came after a great game turned into the highly awaited matchup between Kylian Mbappe of France and 35-year-old maestro Messi.

Argentina, inspired by the legend Lionel Messi, beat France on penalties in what is now known as the “Final for the Ages” to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in a thrilling evening at the Lusail Stadium.

Messi, who won the tournament’s top award in his final participation, scored two goals, while Angel di Maria only managed one. However, France’s Kylian Mbappe put up an enthralling late performance to score a hat-trick as ordinary time concluded at 2-2 and extra time at 3-3.

Argentina prevailed 4-2 in a tense penalty shootout to win the match and earn their third World Cup championship and first in 36 years.

Summary of the Argentina vs. France final game

Argentina overcame and won their third World Cup in a thrilling final match. With two goals and another in the penalty shootout, Lionel Messi was the day’s hero. His performance was motivational, and Argentina might not have won the championship without him.

With two goals and a continual offensive threat, Kylian Mbappe had a strong performance for France. With his penalty, Montiel gave Argentina the win, capping up a fantastic match between two of the top international football squads.

Argentina and France’s thrilling match in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final featured the reigning champions as well. The two teams were deadlocked at 3-3 after a dramatic 120 minutes of play, forcing penalties. Argentina won, defeating France 4-2 in the penalty shootout to win their third World Cup.

Kylian Mbappe scored twice for France, while Kylian Messi scored a brace and Angel Di Maria also scored for Argentina. Montel’s game-winning penalty gave Argentina the victory.

In the thrilling 2022 FIFA World Cup championship game between Argentina and France, two top contenders’ clashed. Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe

In the first 4-3-3 formation of the game, Lionel Messi spearheaded Argentina’s attack with Sergio Aguero and Paulo Dybala. The midfield trio was comprised of Nicolas Otamendi, Javier Mascherano, and Ever Banega.

France opened the game in a 4-4-2 configuration, led by Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe. Paul Pogba, Corentin Tolisso, Blaise Matuidi, and Ousmane Dembele made up the midfield.

In defense, the group had Hugo Lloris at left tackle, with Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez as full-backs and Samuel Umtiti and Raphael Varane as center-backs.

Highlight Of Match

Whether you favour Argentina or France, the truth that the FIFA World Cup Final 2022 was among the most dramatic and entertaining contests in tournament history cannot be denied. It was a nailbiter until the final free kick by Argentine Gonzalo Montiel won the deal for Lionel Messi’s club.

  • Lionel Messi scored the game’s opening goal after 23 minutes from the penalty spot after Angel Di Maria was dropped.
  • It was immediately followed by Di Maria’s goal in the 36th minute, which gave Argentina a comfortable 2-0 lead.
  • Argentina appeared to be in command of the encounter for the most part, with Kylian Mbappe’s allure waning on the pitch.
  • However, things took a major turn when France was awarded a penalty for a foul identical to Argentina’s first goal. At 80 minutes, Kylian Mbappe scored France’s first goal, providing France a fighting chance.
  • At the 81st minute, the star player equalised within seconds.
  • By that point, it was clear that the game would proceed to extra time. Argentina’s domination and confidence over the first 80 minutes of the match were broken.
  • But Argentina will never give up so quickly! Lionel Messi seized the lead once more, scoring in the 108th minute.
  • Argentina’s evening was looking up until Kylian Mbappe moved in for a hat-trick and got his third goal of the match in the 118th minute.
  • It was finally time for penalty. The winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 would take home the trophy!
  • Kylian Mbappe of France was the first to score!
  • Then it was Argentina’s turn, and Lionel Messi scored as well!
  • France’s Kingsley Coman was unsuccessful.
  • Paulo Dybala of Argentina scored a goal for Messi’s team.
  • Aurélien Tchouaméni of France missed once again, leaving France with two missed shots.
  • Leandro Peredes of Argentina scored, giving his country credit for half of the three shots.
  • Kolo Muani of France scored.
  • Gonzalo Montiel earned the game-winning goal for Argentina, which had four of the game’s four shots to France’s two.
  • Argentina not only triumphed after 36 years, but Lionel Messi also captured the one trophy he had failed to win throughout his career.
  • It was impossible to overstate how drastically the teams of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe differed from one another. The other side had sunk to the ground, while the other side was joyful and jubilant.
  • Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, was seen comforting Kylian Mbappe after his hat-trick failed to secure a win.
  • The football player’s mother sobbed while giving him a hug, and his children hurried to the field to greet him.

FIFA 2022 Awards

  • Golden Boot Award in FIFA World Cup 2022 – Kylian Mbappe

After scoring an incredible eight goals during the competition, France’s Kylian Mbappe won the Golden Boot title for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With a hat-trick in the championship match, Mbappe won the prize by one goal over PSG teammate Lionel Messi, who scored twice. After helping Argentina win the World Cup final, Messi was awarded the Golden Ball for being the tournament’s greatest player.

The first player to ever win more than one Golden Ball was Messi, who had already won one. Mbappe won the Golden Boot in the battle to score the most goals in Qatar 2022, giving Messi the Golden Ball for the second time.

  • Golden Glove Award in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Emiliano Martinez of Argentina won the Adidas Golden Glove for best goalkeeper at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Through his outstanding play throughout the competition, Martinez contributed to Argentina’s first-ever World Cup victory.

In the shootout versus France, he further stopped a penalty shot from Kingsley Coman, giving Argentina the win. Martinez, the first ever Aston Villa player to play in a World Cup, has now been given the famous Golden Glove medal.

  • Young Player Award for FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez received the Young Player Award in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Prior to the competition, the 21-year-old midfielder was playing for River Plate in Argentina, and he shown excellent play the entire time.

Together with Emi Martinez, Kylian Mbappe, and Lionel Messi, he received one of the four individual awards. The prize has always gone to the tournament’s top young player since it was first presented at the World Cup in Germany in 2006.

  • Golden Ball Award in FIFA World Cup 2022

On Sunday evening in Qatar, Lionel Messi received the prized Golden Ball trophy for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As he inspired Argentina to their third victory on the international stage, Lionel Messi was named the winner of the Golden Ball, the top player award, at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar on Sunday night.
He overcame a jinx linked with the trophy by being the first player to win it in two World Cups: in the previous six tournaments, the Golden Ball was always won by a player from either the losing semi-finals team or the runners-up.

Golden BootKylian Mbappe (8 goals)
Golden BallLionel Messi (best player)
Golden GloveEmi Martinez (best goalkeeper)
Young Player AwardEnzo Fernandez of Argentina


Argentina and France played with in 2022 FIFA World Cup final, which was exciting and dramatic, with a total of six goals, 2 penalty shootouts, and outstanding goalkeeping from both sides. Argentina ultimately prevailed, defeating France 4-2 on penalties, and won their third World Cup.
With a late goal in additional time and the decisive penalty in the shootout, Lionel Messi played a key role in the triumph. Other players on both teams put on notable performances in the game, most notably Kylian Mbappe for France, who scored twice.
In the end, Argentina achieved a historic win that will live on in memory for a very long time.



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