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To add to Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and to turn into the world’s driving air terminal gathering, we should put resources into our kin and guarantee that UAE residents assume a main part in the association.

The air terminal was first considered in 1974, in light of the public authority’s arrangements to modernize the then spic and span country. Abu Dhabi International Airport is spread over an area of 3,400 hectares (8,500 sections of land). Its terminal spaces are overwhelmed by Etihad Airways, the nation’s second banner transporter aircraft and the second-biggest carrier in the UAE after Emirates. Development began by 1979 and the air terminal was introduced on January 2, 1982.

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At Abu Dhabi Airports, Emiratization and the enrollment and maintenance of UAE public ability are fundamental for our prosperity for our reasonable development and advancement plan.

To this end, we have carried out an exhaustive emanations program that stretches out across the arrangement of our air terminals and offshoots to a more extensive scope of jobs.

We want to accomplish a half emiration rate before the finish of 2015.
Proof of this responsibility is our present emiration status of 63% for our senior administration and chief group.


We reinforce Emirates’ essence and commitment to the flying business by empowering admittance to our inventive preparation structure.

Our Gulf Center for Aviation Studies (GCAS), a focal point of greatness for air terminal and avionics preparation, centers intensely around creating Emirati capacities in the flying area. GCAS Emirates presents open positions in organizations and foundations in the aeronautics business.

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