Ronaldo and Portugal to Qatar World Cup

Despite the concerns of millions of fans, superstars Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski and Sadio Mann have been confirmed for the Qatar World Cup. Ronaldo’s Portugal beat North Macedonia in the playoff finals of the World Cup qualifying round to secure their fifth World Cup qualifier in Qatar. Poland beat Sweden in the playoff final to reach Poland. Sadio Mane also received a ticket to Qatar after Senegal beat Egypt in a penalty shootout in the second quarter of the African qualifying round.

Meanwhile, Sadio Mane’s achievement was lost to another world football superstar, Mohamed Salah, and the achievement of Robert Lewandowski to veteran Slaton Ibrahimovic. With the departure of Egypt, ‘Sala Magic’ will no longer be in Qatar. With Sweden losing to Poland, Ibrahimovic’s wonder goals were guaranteed not to be born in Qatar.

As the picture of the teams that have qualified for the World Cup becomes more or less clear, the draw to decide the groups for the World Cup will take place in Doha this Friday. The World Cup kicks off on November 21. Due to climatic conditions, the World Cup will be held in November-December.

Passed Portugal

Portugal Qatar qualifies for World Cup Portugal beat North Macedonia in the playoffs to advance to the World Cup in Qatar. Portugal beat Northern Macedonia by two goals to nil Italy in the playoff semi-finals. Superstar Bruno Fernandes scored a brace for Portugal. Fernandes found the target in the 32nd and 65th minutes of the second half.

Ronaldo also strengthened the way for the first goal. North Macedonia, who shed tears for Italy in the play-off semi-finals, failed to put Portugal to the test in the finals, nor did they get any shots tested by Portugal goalkeeper Diego Stae. With this, Portugal will fly to Qatar for the sixth consecutive World Cup. Thirty – seven year old superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s fifth World Cup.

Sweden fall in front of ‘Levon’

Roberto Lewandowski’s Poland also qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, beating strong Sweden in another playoff final. Poland beat Sweden by two goals to one. Lewandowski (49, penalty) and Peter Zilinsky (72) found the target for Poland. Sweden struggled in the match and missed the target in front of goal.

Poland will fly to Qatar to beat Sweden in a World Cup qualifier in retaliation for blocking their entry into the knockout round of the 2020 Euro Cup. With this, it was confirmed that the 40-year-old superstar Sloton Ibrahimovic will no longer be seen on the World Cup stage. In the last 10 minutes against Poland, Swedish coach Ibrahimovic was sent off but to no avail.

Senegal, Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon to Qatar

Senegal also qualified for the World Cup on the wing of his teammate Sadio Mane at Liverpool in a match in which superstar Mohamed Salah wasted a penalty. Senegal won the exciting second-quarter playoffs 3–1 in a shootout, winning by a single goal. The hosts won the match 1–0 at the Senegalese Stadium, drawing 1–1 in both quarters to advance to the shootout.

Senegal lost 1–0 in the first quarter to Egypt, but were bolstered in the second quarter by a goal from Boula Dia. In the shootout, Mohamed Salah and others wasted a penalty, but Sadio Mane’s goal sealed the victory for Senegal. This is the second time in six weeks that Senegal have beaten Egypt in a shootout in a major tournament. Senegal beat Egypt in a shootout in the African Nations Cup final in February.

In other matches, Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco and Cameroon also qualified for the World Cup from Africa. Ghana reach World Cup after beating Nigeria Ghana, who drew 1–1 with Nigeria in the second quarter, qualified for the World Cup thanks to an away goal.

Cameroon have qualified for the World Cup for the eighth time, setting a new record from Africa. Cameroon, trailing 1–0 in the first leg of the playoffs, went on to score in the second quarter, winning the second leg at the Algerian plate. Cameron took the lead in the first half with a goal from Carl Toko – Ekambi to level the score at 1–1 in both quarters. This allowed extra time to find the winners. Ahmed Tuba scored in the 118th minute to seal Algeria’s qualification. However, in injury time, Carl Toko-Ekombi once again found the target. The result was a 2–2 draw in both quarters, with Cameroon leading the way with two away goals.

Tunisia qualified for the World Cup with a 1–0 victory in the first quarter, beating Mali 0-0 at home in the second quarter playoffs. Morocco won 4–1 in the second quarter, beating Congo 5–2 in both quarters.


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