Blasters tears on penalty; Hyderabad FC win maiden ISL Trophy

Hyderabad FC won the shootout—the second in an ISL final after Atletico de Kolkata’s 2016 triumph—3-1 after it ended 1-1 in regulation and extra time for their maiden ISL title in their maiden final.

Hyderabad FC lift Hero ISL title The ISL final was held today, once again giving pain to the Kerala Blasters. Hyderabad ISL champions in penalty shootout The Kerala Blasters are destined to return as runners-up in the third final as well. The game ended 1-1 in regulation time. After a goalless extra time, Hyderabad FC defeated Kerala Blasters 3-1 in a penalty shootout. Only AYUSH official scored from the Blasters line-up. In the first 90 minutes, Rahul KP scored for the Blasters and Sahil Tavora for Hyderabad.

Neither team attacked from the start of the game but neither team was able to find the back of the net in the first half. The Kerala Blasters had been trying to attack from the first minute. Hyderabad often came on the scene with counter-attacks but the Blasters defense was hampered. As the first half drew to a close, the Blasters had a golden opportunity. In the 38th minute, Alvaro Vasquez’s shot went wide of the post. The Blasters were disappointed when Diaz, who was aiming for Hyderabad in the rebound, also missed. Gill blocked a last-minute free kick by Hyderabad.

The second half saw the goal. Kerala Blasters scored the first goal. The Kerala Blasters took the lead through Malayalee player Rahul KP. In the 68th minute, Rahul lost to Hyderabad. Kattimani’s hands could not stop Rahul’s powerful shot. Later the Blasters continued to dominate but Hyderabad woke up and played. Both teams went ahead with the attack. Hyderabad FC equalized through Sahil Tavera as the Kerala Blasters secured the game. Sahil’s Perfect Volley was born with two minutes left in the game. The match went into extra time as the tie continued at the appointed time.

Enjoyed 68 minutes, then coveted 20 minutes. With just 2 minutes left in the match, he struggled to find the back of the net. Heart pounding through the dynamic moves in extra time. He finally bowed out in front of Hyderabad in a penalty shootout. The Kerala Blasters’ return to the ISL runners-up for the third time after a heroic battle. Blasters and fans can still wait for the cup

The Blasters lost 3–1 in a penalty shootout that ended in a 1–1 draw in regulation and overtime. Goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani saved the Blasters’ three kicks in the shootout. Kattimani saved Marco Leskovic’s first kick, Nishu Kumar’s second kick and Jackson Singh’s fourth kick. Only the AYUSH officer was able to find the target for the Blasters in the shootout.

In the 68th minute, Malayalee player KP. Despite the Blasters taking the lead through Rahul, substitute Sahil Tavora (88 ‘) took advantage of a defensive error to score for Hyderabad. The Blasters players, who excelled in possession, passing and creating chances, hit the cross bar twice during the match. Alvara Vasquez’s bullet hit the crossbar in the first half, but Jackson Singh’s header bounced off Adrian Luna’s shot into the box in the first half.

During the first half injury, Hyderabad came close to scoring the first goal of the match but goalkeeper Prabhusukhan Gill was the savior of Kerala. Javier Severo, who came on in the 39th minute to replace the injured Joel Chianese, was knocked down by a diving header. Gille’s unforgettable save!

Hyderabad started the attack in the second half with the help of a defensive line that kept the Blasters’ half-outs out of the box. With this, the Blasters’ defense was built. During the confusion, the Blasters held on to the ball without giving the ball away dangerously to Severo near and outside the box. Then came the long-awaited moment in the 68th minute for Blasters fans. Jackson Singh blocked Hyderabad’s lead near the middle line. Rahul, on the other hand.

Rahul’s shot went wide of the post and hit Hyderabad goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani in the net. The Blasters lead (1–0). Hyderabad shocked by a goal that went against the pace of the game. After the goal, Vukomanovic pulled Rahul back and brought down Nishu Kumar.

The Blasters had a chance to end the game in the 85th minute. Luna’s bullet from outside the box bounced off the freekick, but Leskovic, who was standing inside the box, could not get a rebound. Leskovic’s leg was hit and the high ball caught the ball.

Hyderabad’s equalizer came just moments before the Blasters fans were assured of victory. Hyderabad’s free kick was deflected by Leskovic but the ball bounced off Sahil Tavora, who was unmarked outside the box. The Blasters went into the goal net (1–1), overtaking Tavora’s half volley Gill. The match will be overtime.

Hyderabad City FC clinched their maiden ISL title with Laxmikant Kattimani’s ‘golden hands’ when the Blasters missed out on a penalty kick.

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