Kerala Blasters beats Jamshedpur FC to enter the final after six years

Six years later, Ivan Vukomanovich and his team proved that reaching the Indian Super League (ISL) semi-finals was not in vain. Six years after the Blasters were forced to play in the semi-finals, the Yellows beat Jamshedpur FC in the final. The Yellows beat Jamshedpur 1–1 in the second quarter semi – final, which was full of excitement. The Blasters qualified for the third final of the ISL with a 2–1 lead in both quarters.

Adrian Luna scored for the Blasters in the first half. Pranoy Halder scored Jamshedpur’s controversial red draw in the 50th minute. The Blasters advanced to the final with a 2–1 lead, adding a first-quarter goal. Alvaro Vazquez and Jorge Pereira Diaz squandered some golden chances in the second half to increase the pressure but the Blasters made it to the final without stepping foot. Hyderabad FC – ATK Mohun Bagan will take on the winners of the second semi-final on Sunday.

The Blasters won the toss and elected to field. Sahal Abdul Samad, the winner of the last match, was ruled out of the match with an injury just before the end of the match. The first half was generally dominated by the Blasters. The Blasters went into the break with a goal lead of at least three goals.

Meanwhile, the Blasters’ entry into the final found an antidote to the pressure tactics of Jamshedpur, who put up a tough fight in the second half. In the second half, both the teams had a chance to score but it was Jamshedpur who played more aggressively. The Blasters pulled into the defense as they struggled to forget the hand and the may for the goal. The Jamshedpur players continued to attack the Blasters goal face like waves but they held on under the leadership of Leskovic. Occasionally he got some golden opportunities through counter-attacks but Jorge Pereira Diaz could not capitalize on it.

As the fight intensified, the referee had to intervene several times to retain the players and coaches. Jamshedpur coach Owen Koyal was given a yellow card in the first half and Kerala Blasters coach Ivan Vukomanovic in the second half. Blasters goalkeeper Prabhusukhan Singh was also shown a yellow card for trying to delay the match at the last minute.

  • The way the goals came

Blasters goal: Alvaro Vazquez flicks the ball from the left wing to the goal. Adrian Luna, who got the ball, cut the opponents in his own style and advanced to the Jamshedpur box. The ball is placed in the right corner, measuring the position of the goalkeeper just in front of the box. TP, the guard of Jamshedpur. The ball is in the net before Rahane can do anything. The score is 1–0.

Jamshedpur goal: Jamshedpur put pressure on the hosts from the first minute of the second half but found the back of the net in the 50th minute. The move to the goal started from a corner kick in favor of Jamshedpur. The ball bounces off the corner kick into the Blasters ‘box and hits Daniel Cheema’s body just in front of the Blasters’ box. Foot to Pranoy Holder, who turned his back on the ball in front of the post. The referee did not see the ball hit the holder’s hand while controlling it. The player cuts and hits the shot into the net. The referee allowed a goal during the Blasters’ ‘hand’ call. The score is 1–1

  • Missed opportunities

In the first minute of the match, Spanish striker Alvaso Vazquez wasted the golden opportunity given to the Kerala Blasters with only the goalkeeper in front. Later in the 10th minute, the Blasters missed another chance to cross the bar.

This time the Blasters came close to scoring from a mistake by captain Peter Hartley who tried to avoid danger in front of the Jamshedpur post. In anticipation of Hardley’s move, the ball bounced off the feet of Jorge Pereira Diaz and into the Jamshedpool net. However, with the Blasters’ misfortune, the ball bounced off the crossbar. Jorge Pereira found the target again from the rebound but was caught offside. In the 36th minute, Daniel Cheema found the target for Jamshedpur from a free kick but was caught offside. In the 42nd minute, Jamshedpur goal was saved by Blasters goalkeeper Prabhusukhan Singh. The concern was that the attempt to punch the ball that came up into the box failed.

Earlier, Sahal Abdul Samad was ruled out of training ahead of the match due to injury. Nishukumar replaced Sahal who scored the team’s winning goal in the first quarter. The coach also made a change to the team that played in the first quarter. Sanjeev Stalin was replaced by Sandeep Singh.

The result: Kerala Blasters 1 (Adrian Luna 18) drew with Jamshedpur FC 1 (Pronay Halder 50). Aggregate: Blasters 2-1.

Kerala Blasters: Prabhusukhan Singh Gill, Harmanjot Khabra, Hormipam Ruiva, Marco Leskovic, Nishu Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Putia, Adrian Luna, Jorge Pereira Dias, Alvaro Vasquez.

Jamshedpur FC: TP Rahanesh, Laldinliana Rentley, Eli Sabia, Peter Hartley, Ricky Lallavma, Jitendra Singh, Pranoy Halder, Ishan Pandita, Greg Stuart, Ritwik Das, Daniel Cheema.

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