Kerala Blasters head ISL after beating Hyderabad

Kerala Blasters have reached the number one position in the ISL. Ivan Vukamanovic’s team advanced to the top of the table after defeating Hyderabad FC, who were playing in the best form in the ISL today. The victory was for an unbeaten goal. Alvaro Vasquez’s amazing goal gave the victory.

Both teams played well in the first half. Subsequent attacks could be seen. In the seventh minute of the match, Hyderabad got a good chance from a free kick. The freekick taken by Garcia hit the post and bounced back. The Kerala Blasters’ first good chance came in the 23rd minute. Cross Dias, given by Hormipam from the right wing, headed back into the goal with a diving header. But Kattimani’s world-class save saved Hyderabad.

After that the Kerala Blasters got a good chance from a cross by Luna. Luna’s cross was beautifully controlled by Sahal but Sahal’s pass could not reach the target. Even after this the Blasters created good chances but to no avail. The Blasters finally took the lead in the 43rd minute from a long throw. Khabra’s throw Sahal flicked back with his head. It’s a great idea. This is the player’s fourth goal of the season.

In the second half, Hyderabad turned to more attacks. This also gave the Kerala Blasters several chances to attack. Vasquez hit a free kick to Kerala but went just inches wide. Unable to create chances, Hyderabad withdrew Edu Garcia and fielded Severo.

In the 79th minute, Siverio’s shot was cleared from the goal line by captain Jesse. The Kerala Blasters focused on defense at the last minute. The final moments of the game saw the game get rougher and more yellow cards being born. In the 97th minute, Vasquez’s free kick was blocked by Kattimani and Kerala could not double the lead. However, it was up to the Kerala Blasters to fight to the end and secure victory.

With this victory, Kerala Blasters got 17 points from 10 matches. Mumbai City also have 17 points but the best goal difference puts the Blasters first. Hyderabad are third with 16 points.

The trolls of the Kerala Blasters can stay at home for so long. This was one of the things that coach Ivan Vukamanovic regularly said during and after his tenure as coach. That this team will shut up and work hard. That hard work has silenced critics today. Beautiful view of their performances for Kerala Blasters.

With today’s win over Hyderabad, the Kerala Blasters have reached the top of the league. Kerala football fans have never seen the Kerala Blasters at the top of the league with such progress. For the first time since 2014, the Kerala Blasters are at the helm of the league at this time. After ten games in the league, the total loss was one game. The team leads the league with 17 points. By the middle of the season, the Kerala Blasters had scored a total of 17 points last season.

Last season’s disappointment was carried out by the Kerala Blasters with clear planning this time. Coach Ivan Vukamanovic and the foreign players all excelled at each other. Ivan Vukamanovic, who focuses on improving the team without too much heroism, was seen improving all the players. Sahal’s performance and the midfield performance of the locked-Jackson alliance show Ivan’s excellence.

With Vasquez, Luna and Diaz leading the way, Leskovic’s presence on defense gives the Kerala Blasters unprecedented peace. The performance of the young star Hormin Palm should also be mentioned.

The season is over. About half are left. These demonstrations still need to continue. Although the team and the fans have a dream of winning the first place and the title, what they want more than that is the continuation of these performances. For fans who have stood firm with the team in the face of so much despair, this good football gives them the joy they deserve.

Kerala Blasters

The Blasters have had a rising start to their ISL season with two wins and three draws in their last five encounters. They are placed fifth on the league table with 14 points.

Hyderabad FC

In striking similarities, Hyderabad FC too have registered two wins and three draws in the last five matches. The club sits a point away from the first spot, with 16 points in the bag.


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