Kerala Blasters beat Indian Super League

The Kerala Blasters continue their campaign by beating the Giants in the Indian Super League. Chennai FC also landed in front of the roaring Blasters. The Blasters’ victory in the Southern Derby was by three unanswered goals. George Dias and Sahal Abdul Samad scored in the first half. In the final minute of the match, Adrian Luna scored the winning goal. With the win, Ivan Vukomanovic’s team jumped to third place with 12 points from seven games. Three wins and one draw. Only one lost. He has conceded just one goal in his last three games. Chennai also fell to the Blasters, who beat the mighty Odisha FC and Mumbai City. The Blasters are just three points behind leaders Mumbai City. Second-placed Jamshedpur FC also have 12 points.

The Blasters have been left out of the squad for the series against Mumbai City. In the middle row are Adrian Luna, Sahal Abdul Samad, Puitia and Jackson Singh. Defenders included Jesse Carneiro, Marco Leskovic, Hormipam and Harmanjot Kabra. Prabhusukhan Singh continued in front of the net.

Reagan Singh, Jerry Lalrinsuala, Narayan Das and Slavko Damanovic are the other defenders in the Chennai squad. Valadimir Koman, Germanpreet Singh, Ariel Powell Borisiuk and Anirudh Singh joined the middle order. Lallianzuala Changte-Mirlan Mursayev alliance in the lead. Vishal Keith in front of the net.

The Kerala Blasters got off to a brilliant start at the Tilak Maidan Stadium. The Blasters thrashed Chennai’s goal line with a series of attacks. The coveted moment came in the ninth minute of the game. The ball bounced off Diaz’s leg in front of the midfield. Two steps forward, then sublime shot to the right. Vishal Keith had nothing to do with that explosive move. This is the second consecutive match in which the Argentine has scored. The Blasters put pressure on Chennai’s defense with constant advances. They made mistakes. On the other hand, the Blasters defense, led by Jesse Carneiro and Leskovic, blocked Chennai’s counter-attack. In the 25th minute, Germanpreet headed in Koman’s corner but Prabhusukhan hit it hard. Germanpreet then missed another chance at goal.

The Blasters fortified their defense and went on the attack again. One by one, Luna, Dias and Sahal intimidated the Chennai defense. Finally, in the 38th minute of the match, the Blasters broke through the Chennai defense once again and took the lead. It started with the error of Chennai goalkeeper Vishal Keith. Keith, who bought the ball from the defense, hit it straight into Vasquez’s leg. Vasquez gave it to Sahal, who jumped to the right. In the box, Sahal’s powerful shot bounced off the Chennai defense in front of the net. The ball at Sahal’s feet again. This time Sahal’s shot overtook Keith and into the net. A 2-0 lead for the Blasters. Sahal scored his third goal of the season. The Blasters had another great opportunity before the end of the first half. Sahala was the planner. Sahal’s beautiful pass to Vasquez completely deceived Chennai’s defense. Advance through the left. Only goalkeeper in front. The Blasters hit the target five times towards the end of the first half. Control over the ball is 55 percent. A total of 234 passes.

In the second half, Chennai came down with changes. The Blasters went down with the same strength as in the first half. The opportunity came in the 51st minute. On the left side of the box, Luna headed the ball back to Carneiro. The Blasters captain’s powerful shot was deflected by Keith. On the other hand, Chennai’s moves were blocked by the defense and goalkeeper Prabhusukhan. The Yellows did not relinquish control of the ball. In the 66th minute, Sahal’s cross from the right was blocked by Vazquez. The Blasters made the first change in the 72nd minute of the game. K Prashant was brought in to replace Puitia who filled the middle order. In the 55th minute, Puthia received a yellow card. Two more changes were made in the 78th minute. Sahal was replaced by Saytyasen Singh and Dias was replaced by AYUSH Adhikari. The third goal came shortly after. The goal that proved Luna’s talent. Luna scored 1-2 against Vasquez to disperse the Chennai defense in the face of goal. Luna gave the ball to Vasquez, but the ball bounced off Jerry’s leg and returned to Luna. The answer was a shot out of the box. The Blasters secured three points on that goal.

The Blasters were able to get Chennai into the goal line with ease in the final minutes. Chennai escaped by conceding corners. Luna and Cabra climbed off the field in injury time. Substitutes Vince Barreto and Sandeep Singh . The Blasters’ next match is against Jamshedpur FC on the 26th.

Chennai coach Bondovich praises Kerala Blasters’ performance He said the Kerala Blasters fully deserve today’s victory. Kerala’s tactics were so beautiful. Bondovic said his team struggled in the face of their high pressing. Evan said his players were often afraid to pass the ball and move with the ball.

Today has been a frustrating day for Chennai. We could not attack or defend well. He said. He said that Chennai conceded the second goal due to fear of Kerala’s pressure. “Looking at the previous matches, today is the worst performance of his team,” he said. “I applaud Kerala for beating Chennai in all areas,” Bondovich said.

The Kerala Blasters coach said that they are proud of the great victory of the Kerala Blasters in today’s match against Chennai. Ivan said the victory will be celebrated today but the team will start working hard again tomorrow morning. The team wants to continue this success and performance. The good teams will have a few good wins in between and the best big teams will continue to win consistently. We need to be such a team. Ivan said.

The team must have the desire to win every game. You need faith that you can succeed at any stage. The Kerala Blasters are trying to make all this happen. Says Ivan. Today’s clean sheet gives the team confidence. The big matches ahead are the preparations for those matches. Ivan said.


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