IPL: UAE to bring spectators to stadiums

New Delhi: Spectators are likely to return to the stadium for the remaining matches of the Indian Premier League, which is set to resume in the UAE. Gulf News quoted Mubashir Usmani, general secretary of the Emirates Cricket Board, as saying that the BCCI was in talks with the UAE government.

The ECB also sought the permission of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to allow local and foreign cricket fans to enjoy the match at the stadium. It is reported that the UAE government has given permission to allow 60 per cent spectators in the stadium. But the BCCI has not officially responded to the news.

IPL 2021 will resume on September 19. The first match will be between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. 31 matches will be played in 27 days including qualifiers and finals.

How long has it been since Virat Kohli’s batsman scored a century, and has Kohli had any other title to claim other than the Under – 19 World Cup? Then you have to say what happens when the form is out.

It’s a joke that it’s a curse to lose a century by scoring a century, but Kohli’s criticism after every match is not insignificant. But no matter how much he was criticized, Kohli was not willing to compromise on his style of play or his behavior on the field. That is why the foreign media described Lord’s Test victory as ‘the victory of Total Coliseum’.

The biggest crisis facing Team India ahead of the Test series against England was team selection. The main reason for this is the abundance of talent. The B team was sent to Sri Lanka but there were players in the Indian camp to field two more teams. So the cricketing world is watching to see what Kohli will decide in the team selection. Kohli did not have a significant headache when it came to batting order. But in bowling, there are 4 pacers, one spinner or three pacers and two spinners – there are differences of opinion as to which formation is required. Team India, which had been playing 2 spinners for years, was ready for a change in that regard with Kohli as captain. Kohli has the reputation of being the most trusted captain in pace bowlers. Kohli went down with 4 pacers without making a mistake.

The next confusion is over who will be the spinner. Arriving in England months ago, R. who plays county cricket in brilliant form. Ashwin or Kohli’s confidant Ravindra Jadeja? The lot fell to Jadeja. There were two opinions on that. Ishant Sharma, who has a wealth of experience in terms of pacers, was criticized for dismissing Shardul Thakur and Mohammad Siraj in the first Test. But both responded with their performances.

The seeds of aggression in Indian cricket were sown during the time of Sourav Ganguly. Ganguly was able to wear a jersey on the balcony of Lord’s and go to Australia to challenge their bowlers and replace the team with a thump, a thump, a thump. Later Baton MS. With the handover to Dhoni, the team became a bit ‘calm’. Under Captain Cool, Team India was a good boy, with the exception of the naughty boy Virat Kohli. At no point will the pressure of the match be on Dhoni’s face. That is why the Indian team under Dhoni was generally calm.

But with Kohli as captain, things went back to Ganguly’s time. Every moment of the match can be read from Kohli’s face. There could not be another player on the ground who shows so much emotional turmoil. Kohli, who came to Australia in the first series to take over the captaincy in 2014, set a new example for the Indian team as a batsman and captain.

At Lord’s, no one but Kohli can say to Jimmy Anderson, ‘This is not his backyard’, ask his fans to pick up the corks of beer bottles thrown on the ground, and give every English batsman who comes to the crease the look and feel of a battlefield. The change that ‘Colism’ has made in the Indian team is not insignificant if it goes down to the English players including Bumrah and Shami. Any captain would have thought at that point that he would bat one more session to make sure he didn’t lose. But Kohli’s only goal was victory. The target of 272 runs in 60 overs was not impossible for England. Especially when the team has Twenty20 specialists like Johnny Bairstow and Jose Butler. Joe Root may also have seen a chance of victory when it comes to Kohli’s declaration call. Despite not winning, a definite draw was ahead of the route. But in the first overs, Team India announced that they had dropped the English openers and that we would play this game only to win.


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