Excitement in PSG dressing room with superstar. Messi hugs Ramos

Paris: With the arrival of superstar Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​there is excitement in the dressing room of the French club PSG. Messi trained with players in La Liga on Thursday, including his rival Sergio Ramos. The video of the actress getting into the dressing room and training with the PSG players has been shared on Instagram.

Ramos welcomes Messi, his arch-enemy. The video also shows the two greeting each other. Messi has been forced to leave Barcelona, ​​where he has been playing since childhood, due to La Liga’s financial constraints. Later, Messi chose PSG, a club made up of former Barcelona teammate Neymar, as his club. The contract is for two years. With the arrival of Messi, PSG’s official club stores are crowded. Messi’s number 30 jersey is selling like hot cakes.

Messi joined PSG just days before ending his 21 – year career at Barcelona. Messi has signed a two-year deal with the French giants. PSG have added a handful of new players to the squad, including Messi and Ramos.

Ramos has now invited Messi, who is going to share a dressing room at PSG, to his home. ‘El Paris’ reports that Ramos has invited Messi and his family to move into his home if he is tired of staying at a hotel. The 35-year-old Messi, who has since moved to Paris, invited his family to the city.

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi and Spanish defender Sergio Ramos have been arch-rivals for most of their careers. Messi, the captain of Barcelona, ​​and Ramos, the horse of Real Madrid, had only stories of struggle and enmity to tell. The ‘El Classico’ icons have been around for the past few seasons since Cristiano Ronaldo left for Italy. But coincidentally, the captives in La Liga look like best friends when they arrive in League One.

Ramos said if you and your family want to stay at home rather than stay in a hotel, come with me. The club is helping Messi find a home for his family and a school for his three boys. Messi and his family now live in the Hotel Le Royal Mos. When the PSG superstars are brought to the team, they are accommodated at the Iowa Hotel until permanent accommodation is matched.


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